Blish-Mize Co. Brochure (2016)

Delivering Independence

Blish-Mize will work with you to meet your business needs!

What We Offer:


■ Weekly Delivery with Low Rates ■ Low Landed Costs ■ Monthly Billing ■ Custom Assortments ■ Simple Store Conversions ■ Store Layout Design ■ Merchandising Services ■ Re-Tagging Services ■ National and Private Label Brands

NO Program Fees NO Tricky Rebate Programs NO Minimum Order Requirements NO Charge for Regional Representative NO Product Purchase or Conversion Demands

NO Consultative Service Charges NO MEMBERSHIP FEES!

Delivering Longevity

From axle grease, horseshoes, and firearms in the 1800’s to state-of-the-art marketing, retail programs, and over 60,000 items in the 21st Century, Blish-Mize has consistently delivered reliability and profitability to its customers.   Today, Blish-Mize is one of the oldest, and most successful distributors of its type, in the nation.  We were founded in 1871 by three brothers-in-law, David Blish, Edward Mize, and Jack Silliman, who moved to Atchison, Kansas, from Chicago, to outfit wagon trains headed west from the Missouri River. In just a few short years, the company was distributing all types of goods to over 800 hardware stores, lumberyards, and general stores throughout a number of midwestern states. With over 1,200 valued customers today, we continue to supply hardware stores, lumberyards, home centers, and paint store retailers throughout the Midwest, the Rockies and the Southwest.

Blish-Mize has been the source for Independent Hardware Retailers since 1871! Let us help you profit from our services while you remain a true independent retailer!

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