Blish-Mize Co. Brochure (2016)

You can depend on us to deliver!

Delivering Dependability Blish-Mize offers access to over 60,000 items from our state-of-the-art, over 500,000 square foot Distribution Center, in Atchison, Kansas, and a Cross Dock Facility in Colorado. ■ Low Freight Rates ■ Industry-Leading Fill Rates ■ Voice Picking ■ Shipping Accuracy

Blish-Mize serves over 1,200 customers in14 states throughout the Midwest, Rocky Mountains, and Southwest Regions.

Our website,, allows you to order from our vast online catalog, track orders, and invoices, submit credit requests, keep up to date with our company news and more!

Delivering Ease of Doing Business We have the technology and services to help you succeed! ■ Website Ordering and Account Information ■ EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) ■ FTP (File Transfer Protocol) ■ Customer Service ■ Mobile App ■ State-of-the-Art, In-Store Ordering Devices ■ Personalized Annual Business Review

Advanced technology, combined with easy to use functions, make our mobile app a powerful tool for your business!

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