Fall 2022 Hardlines Strategies


J.P. Lumber recently worked with Blish-Mize sales representatives and merchandisers to reset several categories throughout the store.

Space Solutions Rely on Blish-Mize to Help You Set Your Store

J .P. Lumber in constant flow of contractors, city staff, road crews and locals daily for the last decade. Oakland, Iowa, has served a

many of whom had been missing the entire front corner of the store,” says Peggy Kaldenberg, one of the Blish-Mize sales representatives working on the reset. “The addition of this area has led to customers purchasing products the store has always stocked but that they had not seen before they were merchandised together as a themed display.” The operation is still undergoing the reset process with Blish-Mize, with many more improvements to come.

Owners Jerry and Suzanne Pierce recently took their operation through the reset process with Blish-Mize for a few reasons, including labor and training challenges. The changes include the creation of a showroom for homeowners and contractors to better push the operation’s new home build and remodel products and the addition of a seasonal display area to the front of the store. “The seasonal display area has since proven to be a big hit with customers,

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