Fall 2022 Hardlines Strategies

to offer complete building packages to our customers and assist them with any of their building needs.” Products are merchandised at a high level; endcaps are organized, relevant and eye-catching and categories such as fasteners, electrical and plumbing are comprehensive and well-maintained. Legacy Building Supply’s vast product lines also include building materials and accessories, lumber, metals and trims, doors and windows. Roll forming, metal roofing and siding, available in extensive color offerings, continue to provide the backbone of the business and set it apart from the average home improvement store. “Full post-frame building packages remain a priority for us,” Marion says. “Post-frame houses are continuing to gain popularity, so house packages, whether post- or stud-frame construction, are now offered as well.”

Blish-Mize greatly assisted in cultivating these offerings.

“We chose to have our business in Arthur because of the large community of people who are constantly participating in building and remodeling projects,” Marion says. “We have great customers and contractors in the area, and we know what kind of service they require because we were in their positions not too long ago.” As former construction workers, Marion and Larry know their operation’s professional base well, and their overall familiarity with the area allows them to cater to DIYers efficiently. “Adding the hardware section to the business encouraged more walk-in customers. We went from one walk-in customer a week to three to five a day.” Larry says. “Knowing the area and our customers allows us to customize our offerings, bettering our service ability and generating success.”

“Blish-Mize has a lot of knowledge and expertise,” Marion says. “When we started developing our inventory, they were able to suggest products that would be useful and popular with our pro customers, and they have been.” With the closest lumber material supply business 10 miles away, only a small hardware store in town and a number of contacts from Larry and Marion’s previous experiences, the business has earned great success in the past two years, pulling customers from as far as 240 miles away. The 4,224-square-foot salesfloor merchandises everything from building packages to coolers and grills. “I was excited about offering building packages,” Larry says. “When we first bought the business, we offered metal roll forming and a little bit of lumber. I love that we are able

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