Fall 2022 Hardlines Strategies

Building the Right Team Legacy Building Supply currently has 15 employees, and with the different specialty machines used in the operation, training is of the utmost importance. “We always have several people trained to run any given machine,” Marion says. “This practice allows us to always have somebody available to cover an area or machine if another employee wants to take a day off or is out sick.” Training employees on these machines is easier said than done, and according to Marion, finding the right person is the most important aspect of the process. “Finding good people who are willing to learn new skills goes a long way,” Marion says. “When they are enthusiastic about being a part of something bigger than themselves, it’s even better.”

Staff at Legacy Building Supply also hold customer service in high regard at the encouragement of Marion and Larry. “We have a great team that we are so thankful for. We wouldn’t be where we are today without their help and support,” Marion says. “As a new company, we are focusing on providing quality customer service, accepting and correcting mistakes and always doing what is right, not just what is always easy.” Future-Focused Marion and Larry plan on continuing to establish the company as a go-to place for home improvement and building materials and to grow the customer base. “We hope to increase our manufacturing capabilities and expand our facility in the coming months,” Larry says. “Further down the road,

there are plans to grow into the wholesale market, but our focus will always remain on keeping customer service high, even as our customer base and operation continue to develop.” For now, Legacy Building Supply is focusing on building and establishing relationships with both customers and vendors. “I really enjoy meeting new customers and helping them build their dream,” Larry says. “Building those relationships and making those connections goes a long way.” One of the relationships that Marion and Larry have built is with Blish-Mize. “We discovered Blish-Mize through one of our own customers,” Marion says. “We have been very pleased with everything and appreciate the support we have received from them throughout this process.”


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