Fall 2022 Hardlines Strategies

Toronto Lumber was founded around 1880, and the original structure of the store is around 120 years old.

stay on top of the market,” Sharri says. “We also make sure we don’t disregard other small competitors, even though some are up to 40 miles away.” Another key product the business sells is metal from Central States Manufacturing, which includes a lifetime warranty. “We do most of our quoting and online ordering through Central States Manufacturing’s ordering system,” Sharri says. “Their system allows us to provide our customer with a quote quickly and accurately.” Toronto Lumber staff fills numerous special orders for their customers in the rural area.

“Even with recent supply chain issues, we have been able to keep our shelves fully stocked,” Sharri says. “Blish-Mize delivers to us weekly and has had a good fill rate in these crazy times.” Because Toronto Lumber has limited space, Sharri is intentional with what SKUs she brings into the operation and utilizes brand loyalty to simplify merchandising. “We only carry one brand of power tools, but it gives us more purchasing power, and our product knowledge is unmatched,” Sharri says. “Additionally, sticking to the quality products we know well keeps homeowners from becoming overwhelmed by decision fatigue.”

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majority of the population retired and drawn to the area for deer hunting and fishing at the nearby Cross Timbers State Park and Woodson State Lake. “Our customer base is a mix of farmers, carpenters and a few roofing contractors,” Sharri says. “Homes and cabins at Woodson State Lake bring business to our remote area as well.” Toronto Lumber stocks top-of-the- line lumber, steel roofing, hardware and concrete, which is mainly purchased by agricultural fence builders. “We inspect nearby big-box stores to keep our prices competitive and strive to

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