Fall 2022 Hardlines Strategies

Looking Forward Future plans for Toronto Lumber involve Sharri taking a step back and letting her youngest son, Drew Hoag, and his wife, Jessie, continue to run the business. Drew has been working in all areas of the business since 2018, and Jessie has been assisting the operation with computer software, accounting and social media since 2015. “Drew’s construction knowledge and younger outlook for our company has allowed our sales to continue to grow, even in these uncertain times,” Sharri says. Sharri also continues to enjoy the constant need to learn and the various jobs she completes daily. “With DIY programs and the internet, new product information is always making its way to our customers. Staying up to date on that information is a task I enjoy,” Sharri says. “I also love that I can

work back in the office, wait on customers or rearrange a shelf display, all in one day. I like to please people, so interacting with customers gives me particular satisfaction because I know that I solved someone’s problem or had the part they needed. This industry will never be boring!” Toronto Lumber has plans to keep updating its facility with new buildings, and as Sharri steps back, she plans to provide the advice and support to Drew she didn’t have when taking over the business 42 years ago. Another key element of the company’s future plans include its relationship with Blish-Mize. The distributor has been Toronto Lumber’s primary hardware supplier since May 1, 1986. “Blish-Mize has always been personable and provided great service,” Sharri says. “I remember when Jonathan Mize, the current CEO and president, was first working in the company. I’m so glad that he has continued the family business.”

Community service is also a priority for Toronto Lumber, with the staff spending many business and personal hours supporting the local booster club, township community building and fire department, Sharri says. Sharri also strives to keep the store forward-thinking and is continually making improvements to the operation. “Customers want to do business with companies that plan on being in business for a long time,” she says. “We show our commitment to longevity by continuing to display even the smallest of improvements, such as painting the front door or putting a flower box out front to show we are proud to be here.” Other best practices Sharri employs include always being open during the hours posted and refraining from sharing any business woes with customers.


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