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The Loss of Friends Blish-Mize Employees Mark Mikkelson and Tom Carlton Jr. Pass Away

Mark Mikkelson Buyer Mark Mikkelson passed away on May 4 at KU Medical Center following a lengthy battle with cancer, LGL and MDS. Mark enjoyed spending time with his family, friends and pets, camping, hiking, traveling, kayaking and following many sport teams. Mark had a generous, caring and gentle soul. He loved talking and helping others. Mark very much loved his family, supporting and encouraging them on all their various adventures, academics and sports. He would frequently encourage other people by saying, “Set your goals. Once you start something, you finish it.” He is survived by his wife, Debra, and their two daughters. Tom Carlton Jr. Salesman Tom Carlton Jr. passed away June 7 in Oklahoma. “He was a true salesperson, and I was very proud of him and his success. In my entire career, I have never met anyone quite like Tom. He gave everything 110% and considered it lazy to give anything less. He respected me completely,” says regional sales manager Janet Elias. “As we traveled many miles together, I was able to see his true character. He had a witty sense of humor never knowing what might actually come out of his mouth. He will be truly missed.” Tom is survived by his wife Beth, their two daughters, several grandchildren and other extended family members and friends. Blish-Mize Co. is sad to announce the loss of two fantastic team members earlier this year.

Mark Mikkelson

Tom Carlton Jr.

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