knows where everything is and will jump at the opportunity to take them to what they need,” Spencer says. “Emily, who’s 4, wants to be just like her older brother, but she’s still young. So we have a coloring table she can sit at so she can be in the store when Samuel is working with me.” The community has also rallied around the Linville family, supporting their business and community events. “We hosted a lemonade stand over the summer,” Spencer says. “All the kids got to be involved and tons of community members came out to support them and enjoy a refreshing cup of lemonade when they came to the store.” With his family so involved in River Valley Supply, Spencer says he is incredibly grateful for the community support he has received over the last 10 years and especially to Blish-Mize for their help with merchandise, store resets and guidance as he learned the hardware industry. While he admits it can be hard to find a balance between family and work, Spencer’s advice is to make family a priority and to enjoy each day. “I do what I can to support my family financially, and while the kids want me home more often, they will understand the sacrifices in the future. Until then, they can come to the store, color pages, and spend time with me,” Spencer says. “I make sure I am home every night to eat dinner with them and play until it’s time for bed. Once the kids are asleep, I often go back to work to finish things up. Each choice makes a difference, and I am so proud of my family. They will do amazing things in the future.”

Samuel, 6, sports his Blish-Mize apron at the Fall Market in September 2022.

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24 Spring 2023 • Hardlines Strategies

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