A New Begining Get to Know Vice President of Operations Brady Clark

V ice president of June 2022.

“I grew up less than 30 miles away, so being this close to home has been wonderful, and I have really enjoyed the opportunity to work for a great company with such a rich history.”

operations Brady Clark started at Blish-Mize in

Strategies got Clark’s insights on operations and his plans for investing in the future of the company and team.

Strategies (S): How did you get involved in the industry and what led you to Blish-Mize? Brady Clark (BC): I’ve been in distribution for almost my entire career. I moved around the midwest working for several companies for about 10 years before making my way back to Kansas, where I am originally from. I learned Blish-Mize was looking for someone with experience to fulfill the vice president of operations role, and I had the great opportunity to come on board.

—Brady Clark, vice president of operations

4 Spring 2023 • Hardlines Strategies

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