for pieces for a simple project or even those doing something bigger, like redoing a deck.” An Unexpected Surprise After settling in at River Valley Supply, Spencer and his wife, Cara, decided to start a family. Their first three children, Samuel, 6, Emily, 4, and Audrey, 2, arrived as healthy babies with no surprises. “Each child has been happy and healthy and over 9 pounds at birth,” Spencer says. “For each of them we made it to the hospital on time, got settled in and my wife gave birth with the help of the nurses.” However, their fourth child had other plans. Five days past the due date, at 40 and a half weeks, Cara’s water broke at home. Shortly afterwards, the couple started the 30-mile drive to the midwife facility in Wichita. Only a few minutes into the drive, it was obvious they weren’t going to make it. Spencer pulled over and helped deliver his fourth child in the family van on the side of the road. “I called 911 and let them know my wife was giving birth to our child right then and there. They dispatched emergency responders and talked me through what to do,” Spencer says. “Cara was the real champion. She didn’t even bat an eye, just sat up and gave birth to our fourth child.”

Shortly after giving birth, an officer arrived to help Spencer and Cara with the birthing process. The officer was surprised to see two smiling parents and a bundled-up baby resting in their arms. The officer escorted the couple to the midwife facility to make sure both mom and baby were happy and healthy. “We didn’t know the gender of the baby when she was born. It was dark, cold and very early in the morning,” Spencer says. “We got to the facility and when they escorted Cara back to the birthing rooms, we checked and discovered we had a baby girl. We say she was five days late and 15 minutes early.” The couple named their fourth child Nola, who was the biggest of the four kids at 9 pounds 8 ounces. Fatherly Advice With four kids, Spencer does his best to balance his family and his business. From hiring a few full-time employees to incorporating his family into the store, Spencer is excited to come to work every day to support his family and the community they are a part of. “Even though Samuel is only 6, he comes to the store every Tuesday afternoon to help unload the Blish-Mize truck. His favorite part is showing customers around the store. He


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