Maximize Your Profits How to Make the Most Out of Your Merchandising W hen it comes to merchandising your business, it

Checkout Display Showcase low-priced items that make good impulse purchases near the checkout area. These items remind customers of something they may have forgotten, appeal to their desire to save money and create a sense of urgency to buy right away.

can be an overwhelming concept to tackle. Setting merchandising standards as well as creating consistency throughout your business helps build your brand. It also helps customers recognize your brand more easily and lead them to become loyal customers who shop at your business continuously. In order to create a uniform merchandising and branding strategy for your business, technology, communication and teamwork are all equally important. Learn how to create uniformity, consistency and interest in your merchandising. Creating Intriguing Displays Because merchandising plays a critical role in the overall success of a business, it’s important to emphasize it in your operation. Merchandising improves profitability by generating more margin dollars, controls costs by improving the productivity of the salesfloor and employees, and increases sales by making a store appealing to customers. Here are some effective ways to merchandise various sections of your business.

Stack Display Bring extra focus to the product and send a message to customers that the store has plenty of that particular product in stock.

Dump Bins These full and organized bins have straightforward and vibrant signage, catching customers’ eyes and appealing to their desire to save time and money.

Video Demo Use a small monitor in front of a product to further enhance the item on the shelf or on an endcap. Doing this allows customers to see firsthand how the product may be helpful.

Bulk Lumber Storage One intriguing way to store sheets of bulk lumber is on rolling carts so customers don’t have to load their own carts and can roll the cart to their vehicle and load it directly.

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