Importance of Cross-Merchandising When it comes to merchandising, where your items are on the salesfloor can have a big impact on how well that item sells. Each product belongs to its own department, but don’t hesitate to switch things up by pulling products from the aisle where they are normally placed and moving them to where shoppers don’t expect to see them. This is cross-merchandising. Strategically locating certain products in multiple locations across your store can dramatically increase sales and offer convenience to your customers. Cross-merchandising works when you put the right products in the right place. For example, one strategy for cross-merchandising is for add-on sales and impulse buys. A customer may see an item when it’s not where it normally is and remember that they need to purchase it or will purchase it right away because it’s easily available and present. Using insights from retailers, read about three effective ways to cross-merchandise in your store.

Look for something unique Not every product you suggest as an add-on sale needs to be part of your core hardware mix. For example, near the outdoor and gardening section, offering sunscreen will encourage customers to purchase it since they know they will be outside for extended periods of time.


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