When it comes to merchandising, there are five points to keep in mind, or the five P’s as they are sometimes called. These will help keep your business on track when it comes to merchandising, whether you have one store or multiple. Best Merchandising Practices

Promotion Use store promotional spaces like endcaps and stack outs, in-store signage, print ads, digital marketing or any other effective promotional activities, to improve your merchandising performance.

Price Maintaining pricing accuracy and ensuring the price is acceptable to the customer in your market is vital to customer satisfaction. People Investing in training and ensuring your sales associates are knowledgeable about products and projects is a key differentiator.

Presentation From store layout and planogramming to defined and appealing merchandising standards, the more effective product presentation is, the more likely the customer is to purchase.

Product Without the right mix of products, the item selection and assortment will struggle with the rest of the merchandising throughout the store.

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